Baking For a Coeliac: Fairy Cakes

For this gluten-free baking session, I wanted to attempt a regular recipe and see if I could adapt it. I chose fairy cakes as they are very simple to make, and so (hopefully) less likely to be a disaster!  I used a recipe from my BBC Good Food Cakes & Bakes recipe book, and simply substituted the normal self raising flour for a gluten-free version. I also added a bit of Xanthan gum, to help bind the mixture.


Gluten free fairy cakes-3


I used slightly more than the amount recommended for the amount of flour, as I had read that this shouldn’t have any adverse effects on the mixture and it would probably hold together better. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. A fairly light and spongy texture, and I’m not sure you’d have been able to tell they were gluten-free (my taste testers agreed!).


Gluten free fairy cakes-1Gluten free fairy cakes-2


Next time, gluten-free spiced plum flapjacks! I’ll also be trying my hand at baking some gluten-free bread (I’ve seen the stuff on offer at the supermarket!) having purchased this much raved about book: Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Fives Minutes a Day  Just as soon as I manage to source some sorghum flour that is! If you have any ideas, then please feel free to contact me! 🙂

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