Rock The Frock Turned Trash The Dress!

Have you recently got married and are wondering what to do with your wedding dress? Are you thinking of selling it or having it professionally dry cleaned and packaged to pass on to future generations? Well… how about rocking it one last time before you do?!

This is exactly what the lovely Sandra decided to do and I’m excited to able to share some more images from her Rock The Frock session. It was a chance for her to put on her wedding dress all over again and have some fun! Sandra chose a local farm/shoot as the location and, accessorising with tweed, a gun and wellies, totally ROCKED her frock one last time!

Rock The Frock_0001Rock The Frock_0002Rock The Frock_0003Rock The Frock_0004Rock The Frock_0005Rock The Frock_0006Rock The Frock_0007Rock The Frock_0008Rock The Frock_0009Rock The Frock_0010Rock The Frock_0011Rock The Frock_0012Rock The Frock_0013Rock The Frock_0014Rock The Frock_0015Rock The Frock_0016Rock The Frock_0017Rock The Frock_0018Rock The Frock_0019Rock The Frock_0020Rock The Frock_0021Rock The Frock_0022Rock The Frock_0023Rock The Frock_0024

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